Past Events

Please click the links below to view detailed information of the public talks and other events that the SALTS Lab has sponsored.

  • SALTS End-of-Semester Party: Celebration of the end of the Fall 2011 Yahoo! Seminar Series and end of semester. (Wed Dec 14, 2011)
  • Yahoo! Data Sciences Talks: School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University hosts the Yahoo! Seminar Series in Data Sciences. The colloquia are graciously sponsored by Yahoo! Research and are organized by Smaranda Muresan, Mor Naaman and Paul Kantor in 2011-12. Fall 2011 talks mostly focus on natural language processing, information retrieval and web mining, with applications in many domains, including health informatics. Several talks are also organized under the aegis of our SALTS lab. Please click the link for more information.
  • Invited Talk by John Prager from IBM Research: “Behind the Scenes with Watson at the Jeopardy!-IBM Challenge.” Watson is the question-answering super-computer system that won the Jeopardy game show against two human champions this February. (Wed Apr 6, 2011)
  • SALTS Opening Event with Distinguished talk by Professor Kathleen McKeown, Columbia University: “Natural Language Applications Across Genres: From News to Novels” (video available) (Fri Mar 25, 2011)
  • Jeopardy winners vs an IBM computer – Join us to watch the championship round (Wed Feb 16, 2011)