Laboratory for the Study of Applied Language Technology and Society

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About Us

SALTS, the Laboratory for the Study of Applied Language Technology and Society at the School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University, brings together researchers interested in developing and/or using next-generation natural language processing technology that supports communication across cultural and social boundaries in areas such as digital libraries, education, public health, humanities, linguistics and communication.

What's New

Natural Language Processing Reading Group

SALTS is organizing a reading group in the area of natural language processing (NLP). The goal is to read, analyze and critique selected articles in specific areas of NLP, attend NLP-related talks and in general be part of building an NLP research hub at Rutgers. All faculty, researchers and PhD students interested in NLP and its applications are invited. If you are interested, please feel free to join us!

Please check the NLP Reading Group page for Spring 2013 schedule, and our past activities. Meetings will take place every other Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm, starting from February 6, in the Huntington House Conference Room (184 COLLEGE AVENUE, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901-1163), unless otherwise announce. This semester we encourage students to present their ideas/preliminary work/completed work.

Natural Language Processing In New Jersey (NLP-NJ) Events

One of the goal of the SALTS lab is to be part of the wider NLP community in New Jersey. Check our the new NLP-NJ blog where you can find information about NLP-related events in New Jersey. This effort is in collaboration with AT&T, ETS, Monclair University and Siemens Research. Check the blog for upcoming talks in NJ. Talks will also be distributed via the salts-announce mailing list and/or nlp-reading-group mailing lists. Please email Smaranda Muresan ( if you want to be added to those lists.